PHOTO CAPTION: AMP Electric Equinox

Sharon Carty Takes AMP Equinox EV for Overnight Test Drive

Converted SUV has range up to 100 miles based on test drive.

Published: 06-Oct-2010

Amp Electric Vehicles is ramping up production of the all-electric Chevy Equinox, the first all-electric crossover vehicle. Cars go on sale this fall, and by December the company should be ramping up to produce about 100 a month.

Amp let Drive On's Sharon Silke Carty take one overnight this week, to show our resident working mom what she could do in an all-electric car. Here's her take:

My kids don't get excited by very many test cars, but they were excited when they saw the Amp Chevy Equinox in the driveway. A bright green oval on the side of the door announced the crossover is all-electric, which made it cool in their eyes.


AMP competed in Automotive X Prize with all-electric modification of Saturn Sky sports car.

Paul Eisenstein sees 'David v. Goliath' contest developing between large, well-established carmaker and small, but aggressive start-up electric car companies.

AMP will convert Chevrolet Equinoxes similar to this model to all-electric drive for DTE Energy.

Cincinnati-based firm will convert three Equinox SUVS to electric drive with range up to 150 miles per charge.

AMP-converted Chevrolet Equinox.

Agreement to provide Icelandic utility with electric vehicles covers the next five years.


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