Delphi Developing Wireless Electric Car Charging System

WiTricity system able to inductively transfer more than 3,300 watts.

Published: 06-Oct-2010

With bankruptcy mostly in the past, Delphi Automotive is looking toward the future: The Troy-based auto supplier announced this week it is developing a next-generation wireless charging system for hybrid and electric vehicles.

Delphi is working with WiTricity Corp. -- a Boston-based company that commercializes technology invented by MIT physicists -- on a system system that would forgo plugs or charging cords in favor of a wireless source capable of automatically transferring energy from a garage floor or parking spot to a receiver on the vehicle's battery charger.

"This is groundbreaking technology that could enable automotive manufacturers to integrate wireless charging directly into the design of their hybrid and electric vehicles," Sumner said, noting automakers would still want to provide plug-in capabilities for drivers who want to charge away from the wireless source.



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