PHOTO CAPTION: Venturi Jamais Contente (Buckeye Bullet III) on Bonneville Salt Flats, Utah August 24, 2010.

Venturi Streamliner Sets New World Speed Record

Lithium-ion powered vehicle achieves 500 km/hr record at Bonneville.

Published: 25-Aug-2010

Bonneville, Utah, August 24th, 2010 : Fitted with an 800 HP electric motor and lithium Ion batteries, the VENTURI JAMAIS CONTENTE has set a new world record at an average of over 495 km/hr over 1 km in both directions*, officially recording a top speed of 515 km/hr.

Chalked up by American driver Roger Schroer, this record achieved in partnership with Ohio State University is part of the "VENTURI GLOBAL CHALLENGES". It joins the record set by Venturi in 2009 : the world speed record for a hydrogen-powered vehicle (FIA World Record, 487 km/hr, Sept. 2009).


Venturi’s President, Gildo Pallanca Pastor, says that this project is an important milestone in the history of automobiles : "From the Camille Jenatzi "Jamais Contente" to the "Venturi Jamais Contente", it has taken 111 years to go from 100 to 500 km/hr in an electric vehicle. It is thus with enormous satisfaction that Venturi has been able to demonstrate its technological progress in the field of electric propulsion by setting this historic record".


The adventure is, in fact, not over : Venturi will be back in Bonneville in 2011 and 2012.

The Venturi Jamais Contente, called in the United-States Venturi Buckeye Bullet, and its inspiration dating back to 1899 will be presented for the very first time at the next Paris Motor Show alongside other record-breaking vehicles participating in the Venturi Global Challenges and the manufacturer’s latest offerings in the field of electric sports cars.

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