PHOTO CAPTION: Inattentive Prius driver plows into 14 day-old Tesla, which slams into VW Touareg. Accident happened in Denmark.

Study Finds Higher Insurance Claims for Hybrids

Reason may be location related due to heavy concentration in urban settings.

Published: 04-Aug-2010

Hybrid vehicles overall have higher collision claim frequencies and a 6.5 percent, or $182, higher average claim severity than gas-powered vehicles, according to a Mitchell International Inc. study.

The study, featured in Mitchell’s quarterly publication Industry Trends Report (ITR), also notes that hybrid drivers are significantly more likely to receive traffic tickets than drivers of gas-powered vehicles.

Regarding claim frequency and the higher number of traffic tickets, Greg Horn, vice president of Industry Relations, Mitchell International, reported in ITR that one reason may be where hybrid drivers live. Most live in urban settings, ITR noted, where tickets and accidents are more frequent.


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