PHOTO CAPTION: FAW Besturn 50 is based on Mazda 6.

Chinese Carmakers Introducing More Energy Efficient Models

Technologies range from auto stop-start to full plug-in hybrids.

Published: 20-Jul-2010

Chinese automakers have begun to ramp up efforts to develop hybrid autos, a move which industry experts said is crucial for China to transform from being a "big nation" to a "powerful nation" within the auto industry.

In the ongoing seventh China Automobile Fair in northeast China' s Jilin Province, China FAW Group Corporation said the Besturn B50 plug-in hybrid vehicle, which employs multiple energy-saving techniques, would be available to consumers soon.

Grappling with high emission challenges and maintaining sustainable development is essential for Chinese auto makers to sharpen their competitive edge against their global rivals, said Gao Bo, director with the Science and Information Department of the research center in China FAW Group Corporation.


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