PHOTO CAPTION: Viking 40 is predecessor of X Prize entrant.

University Team Closing In on $10M Automotive X Prize

Profile of Western Washington University's Viking hybrid car.

Published: 20-Jul-2010

On the first trip, they towed their custom-built hybrid car from Bellingham to Detroit in a trailer.

On the second trip, they saved money by driving it instead.

The handful of Western Washington University students laughed when they realized they actually spent more money hauling their lightweight hybrid, called the Viking 45, than they would have if they'd just driven it — because the car, which has a body akin to a Ferrari and the engine of a Honda Insight hybrid, gets 100 miles to the gallon.


West Philly Hybrid X Team entry on Michigan track.

The field is narrowing, but some surprising competitors are still in the running.

E-Tracer is electrically-powered tandem vehicle. Photo by Stefano Paris.

Switzerland-based Peraves E-Tracer wins Alternative Class (Tandem).

K-Way MOTUS tandem dropped out due to engine failure.

NY Times blogger Ronald Aherns looks at several of the losing X Prize teams.


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