PHOTO CAPTION: Chevrolet Volt successfully drives through water test tank

Can You Safely Mix Water and Electric Cars?

Nissan Leaf and Chevrolet Volt electric cars are engineered to safely drive through water.

Published: 19-Jul-2010

By Pamela Coyle

We all remember parental warnings about mixing electricity and water. Those cautions are reinforced, at least in my case, by watching entirely too many accidental or homicidal death scenes on television that involve a small electric appliance and a bath, or in high-end settings, a hot tub.

Cars and water don’t mix well. I’ve managed to avoid driving through high floodwaters in both New Orleans and Nashville, but I’ve seen the results for those less fortunate. Inundated with cool water, hot engine blocks crack. The 12-volt electrical systems freak out. People get injured or killed – but by the water, not the electricity. And the carpet and upholstery never, ever recover.


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