Electric Bikes Catching On in Israel as Smart Commuting Solution

E-bikes must meet both European and Israeli standards.

Published: 17-Jul-2010

Roi Katziri replaced his NIS 500 bike with one that cost NIS 4,250. "When they asked me if I wanted to ride an electric bike, I didn't think twice. I drive to work and back every day, so the opportunity of having fun riding a bike without breaking a sweat seemed delightful."

Katziri says he was disappointed because the bike he got was pretty conservative and gray-looking.

"But I was really impressed with how comfortable they are to ride, especially on the new bike paths they've paved along the Tel Aviv promenade," he adds.


Shadow eBike is powered by Daymak Drive

The shadow ebikes will feature up to 1,000w power, lithium batteries, regenerative brakes and an integrated rim design.


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