PHOTO CAPTION: Roehr e4L Superbike

Roehr Introduces Electric Superbike

eSuperBike has top speed of 135 mph.

Published: 16-Jul-2010

ROEHR Motorcycles LLC launches its eROEHR series of electric sport bikes, including the fastest production electric motorcycle currently available.

Roehr Motorcycles LLC is proud to announce the launch of its new line of electric performance sports and racing motorcycles.

The new ROEHR eSuperBike and eSuperSport models reflect the company's core values of speed, beauty and performance in a 21st century performance package, featuring the latest in electric drive technology.

Sportbike riders now have the opportunity to own the unique and thrilling riding experience that is electric drive, with it's silky smooth power delivery, instant torque and vibration free operation, but now with the power and speed of a true sporting motorcycle. The future of the high performance, electric, sporting motorcycle is available now.

eROEHR Technology

All eROEHR models feature the latest in production electric drive technology, including reliable, maintenance free, high-efficiency AC induction motor technology with advanced motor control, providing regenerative braking, sophisticated self-diagnostics and safety capabilities.
Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) battery chemistry is employed providing high energy density with high discharge capability, long cycle life and safe, reliable service.
The sophisticated eROEHR Battery Management System monitors and communicates battery cell voltage, as well as control of battery charging and balancing operations.

The eSuperBike

The eSuperbike model features powerful 96hp, twin AC Induction motors with state-of-the-art LiFePO4 battery technology, capable of blistering acceleration and a top speed of 135MPH. This motorcycle is designed to offer class-leading electric street bike performance and handling, all wrapped in a beautifully exotic composite body.
The eSuperbike delivers the speed and acceleration that sportbike riders expect, as well as the handling and braking performance of a true performance machine.

The eSuperBikeRR

The eSuperBike is also available as an RR version, which features premium Ohlins suspension front and rear, Brembo radial brakes and light weight performance wheels and tires.
This machine is ideally suited for competition in the TTXGP and e-Power racing series. Although the RR is street legal, Roehr Motorcycles will offer turn-key, track ready versions complete with all required safety and racing equipment.

The eSuperSport

The eSupersport is the entry level of electric sportbike performance, providing a 100 mph top speed with smooth and effortless acceleration. Dual front disc brakes, 41mm USD forks, single shock rear suspension with rising rate linkage and a powerful 48hp AC induction motor assure its sporting character is not compromised.

Where to buy

Roehr electric motorcycles are available through Hollywood Electrics in Los Angeles, CA and Ethical Approach Inc. in Los Gatos, CA. as well as factory direct from Roehr Motorcycles LLC.

How to Buy

Orders will be filled on a first-come, first-serve basis, requiring a $2000 refundable deposit. These machines are hand crafted to order, with customer's choice of color. Delivery times of 6 weeks should be expected once orders are placed.

About ROEHR Motorcycles LLC

Roehr Motorcycles LLC is a small volume manufacturer of American-made, high-performance sport bikes.
Roehr Motorcycles currently produces the 180hp, 1250sc, the fastest and most powerful American-built production sports bike.

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