PHOTO CAPTION: Riversimple hydrogen fuel cell hybrid has top-speed of 50 mph and range of 240 miles.

Hydrogen Car Begins Trials in England

Riversimple to lease 30 cars to motorist in Leicester for 12-month pilot demonstration starting in 2012.

Published: 13-Jun-2010

Hydrogen fuel-cell powered cars will appear on Britain’s roads for the first time by spring 2012 through a trial in Leicester.

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The city council and car manufacturer Riversimple have agreed to lease 30 of the cars to motorists under a 12-month pilot scheme also involving Leicester and De Montfort universities.

Leicester was chosen because its manageable size meant it would only need one hydrogen fuel pump. If successful, the pilot could lead to the city becoming the location for a Riversimple factory producing 5,000 cars a year.


Riversimple hydrogen-ultracapacitor hybrid city car.

Car has top speed of 50 mph and rance of 240 miles with operating cost of 15p per mile.

Zero CO2 will collect scientific data over 10 month voyage.

12 m yacht will be equipped with an electric motor driven by a hydrogen fuel cell, developed by CEA Liten.

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