PHOTO CAPTION: Solar PV installations are booming in wake of low panel prices.

Solar Demand Booming

Major solar panel makers report they are sold out for 2010, and you'll need up to 250 kHW/month for that solar-powered electric car.

Published: 07-Jun-2010

First Solar, the world’s cheapest solar panel maker, is reporting that they cannot meet this years demand for solar panels, and three more major manufacturers; Suntech, Yingli and Trina are also signaling that they are sold out, according to Reuters.

This is a huge turnabout. It is only a year ago that solar panels flooded the global market, driving down the cost of solar installations worldwide, after Spain suddenly eased off on its generous Feed-in Tariff, leading to a worldwide solar panel glut and a resulting 40% drop in panel prices.

The benefits of that suddenly cheap solar has had a huge impact. California alone installed as much solar in the first three months as it did in all of last year, at least in part due to cheap panels.


Palestine Polytechnic University solar car

Top speed of vehicle is 19 mph (30 km/h) and cost equivalent of $4000US to build.

Pocono Raceway solar field produces excess energy over needs of the facility.

From planting trees to building solar fields, NASCAR has numerous initiatives to save money and encourage fans.

President Jimmy Carter inaugurating original White House solar system.

Plan is to reinstall both solar PV and solar hot water, systems that were decommissioned during the Presidency of Ronald Reagan.


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