PHOTO CAPTION: Ashok Leyland Hydrogen Natural Gas-fueled transit bus.

Indian Bus Maker to Offer Engines That Run on H2-Enriched CNG

The 6-cylinder, 92kW diesel engine will meet the Indian-equivalent of Euro IV emission standards

Published: 05-Jun-2010

India’s largest bus manufacturer, Ashok Leyland, is going to implement a 6-liter engine that will run on clean natural gas (CNG) enriched with hydrogen, making it the first bus powered by an internal combustion engine aided by hydrogen.

The engine has successfully been tested by Eden Energy Limited, a company from Australia, and features a 6-cylinder, 92 kW (123 hp) configuration. It was initially built to meet the Bharat IV (Euro IV) pollution norm, which is mandatory in India. The results from the calibrated control system and exhaust catalyst testing for the naturally-aspired engine would meet Bharat V requirements.

Hythane, Eden’s US subsidiary, and also the company who stood at the roots of the project, tested the engine and found that the NOx emissions have been reduced by 16.6%, the total hydrocarbon emissions have been lowered by 15.1%, including a non-methane, CO2 emissions have been reduced by 6.2% and the fuel efficiency improved by 6.5%.


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