Only Meaningful Oil Price Policy Will Drive Electric Car Sales

Washington Post editorial critical of Obama Administration's stand on oil pricing policy.

Published: 18-Apr-2010

PRESIDENT OBAMA has called for 1 million plug-in electric vehicles on U.S. roads by the year 2015. This sounds ambitious, until you consider that there are 241 million vehicles in operation, according to the R.L. Polk automotive information service. Yet even Mr. Obama's modest goal -- boosting plug-ins' share from zero to less than half a percent of the huge U.S. auto fleet in five years -- is looking increasingly impractical and, for taxpayers, expensive.

At least that's how we interpret a letter that the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers, which represents the Detroit 3 plus large international companies such as Toyota and Volkswagen, sent the Obama administration's auto czar, Ron Bloom, on April 7. The 10-page document, titled "Proposed Elements of a Federal Initiative to Promote Electric Vehicle Deployment," was the lobby's follow-up to a meeting with Mr. Bloom on March 25, in which they aired concerns about official support for new car technologies, according to the Wall Street Journal.

The document details the many obstacles -- technological, regulatory and economic -- to widespread adoption of advanced electric propulsion vehicles and proposes federal policies to overcome them. Among these are continuing a $7,500 tax credit for purchasers of such cars and extending a $2,000 credit for installation of home charging stations, which expires at the end of 2010. The manufacturers also seek regulatory relief and government support for a new infrastructure of public charging stations to address "range anxiety" -- i.e., the fear of potential buyers that they'll find themselves out of juice miles from home.


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