PHOTO CAPTION: Honda EV-neo electric motor scooter

Honda to Lease EV-neo Electric Scooter in Japan

The EV-neo will have range of 30 km per charge of Toshiba lithium-ion battery pack.

Published: 16-Apr-2010

TOKYO -- Honda Motor Co Ltd announced April 13, 2010, that it will start leasing a business-use electric two-wheeled vehicle , "EV-neo," in December 2010 in Japan and unveiled a prototype.

In 1994, the company released the "CUV ES" electric scooter in a limited number of 200. But it is equipped with a nickel-cadmium (Ni-Cd) rechargeable battery, and it takes as long as eight hours to fully charge the scooter, which runs 61km per charge.

The EV-neo comes with Toshiba Corp's lithium-ion (Li-ion) rechargeable battery and can be quickly charged. It runs more than 30km per charge on a flat paved road at a speed of 30km/h.


Peugeot E-Vivacity electric scooter has an operating cost of 56ยข for every 100 km.

Lithium Ion Cobalt battery promises a minimum of 1,000 intensive charging/discharging cycles, equivalent to some 40,000 km.

Skoota Compact Urban Electric Mobility Machine

Ingenious designers continue to come up with innovative concepts for personal mobility in overcrowded cities; the foldable Skoota is another great example.

Vectrix Maxi-scooter offer cruising range of 35-55 miles, depending on speed, rider weight, and driving habits.

Vectrix Corporation has opened its new US Head Quarters and development center in New Bedford, Mass.


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