Niche Electric Car Companies Take Different Paths to Market

The likes of Tesla,Think, Fisker, or Bright could give Detroit's big three a 'run for their money.'

Published: 13-Apr-2010

Niche electric car automakers are emerging that might someday compete with the likes of major car companies.

Each is approaching the market in a different way with different types of electric car strategies.

If any of these gets a good grip on the market, that company could give the Detroit Three a run for their money.


Camille Jenatzy was first to break 100km/hr speed barrier in his 1899 electric car, La Jamais Contente.

Former Pirelli Tire North America CEO addresses local Rotary Club.

Roadster #750 completes road trip to Detroit despite winter driving conditions and heavy snow.

Telsa will donate the full value of production car VIN 1,000 to charities.

Subaru R1e negotiating the streets of Manhattan Island, New York City.

The range limitations of most early electric cars will matter less in tightly packed urban areas, where the daily driving distance is likely to be much shorter than in the suburbs or rural areas.


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