Manhattan Scientifics Announces Joint Development Of Fuel Cell Bicycle With Leading Italian Company

The fuel cell uses hydrogen supplied from a two liter pressurized tank to provide 670 watts of power to the bicycle drive motor at ambient pressure, with minimum ancillary equipment. This is sufficient to give it a range of 70-100 km with one fill

Published: 07-Dec-2000

NEW YORK, Dec. 7 /PRNewswire/ -- Manhattan Scientifics (MHTX) announced today that it has entered into an agreement with Aprilia, S.p.A., one of Europe's largest manufacturers of motor scooters and motorcycles, to develop a fuel cell powered concept bicycle. Aprilia unveiled the bicycle, a version of Manhattan Scientifics' Hydrocycle(TM) bicycle, this week at the Bologna Motor Show in Italy.

One of the best known and most respected makers of motorcycles and scooters in Europe, Aprilia also is well known throughout the world for its racing achievements. Aprilia said it is using the fuel cell technology developed by Manhattan Scientifics' European affiliate NovArs GmbH because of its significant weight and size advantages over other fuel cell technologies. The technology is ideal for supplying energy to electric drive systems in lightweight vehicles such as bicycles.

Manhattan Scientifics COO Jack Harrod said, "This is another step forward in bringing our fuel cell technology to market. Aprilia is one of Europe's leading and most respected companies in the motor scooter and motorcycle industry. They are an excellent partner to jointly develop a concept fuel cell bicycle and help us take the first serious steps to commercialization. If our initial effort together is successful, we are hopeful this could lead to a more extensive agreement with Aprilia."

Manhattan Scientifics CEO Marvin Maslow said, "During our first three years in business we have been acquiring technology, patenting, perfecting, prototyping and demonstrating unique technologies in alternative energy. Our focus is now shifting to revenue. We intend to capitalize on our inventions and patents. Our business model is to work closely in teaming relationships with world-class manufacturers like Aprilia and to bring product-to-market. Our intention and business plan is to participate with significant share of market in products powered by our fuel cell technologies. From personal communications devices such as cellular phones, laptops and PDA's to personal transportation including bicycles, scooters, golf carts, small boats and household devices including power tools, we intend to team with large manufacturers and distributors to bring remarkable new products to the market. Aprilia is the first step for us. We anticipate there will be many more."

The concept vehicle is similar to the Hydrocycle(TM) unveiled by Manhattan Scientifics earlier this year. It is based on an existing Aprilia electric bicycle and motor. Aprilia replaced its Ni-MeH battery system with the Manhattan Scientifics' power system consisting of NovArs' fuel cell, fuel source, pressure reducer and control electronics.

Aprilia also modified the mechanical styling features to accommodate the fuel cell system. The fuel cell uses hydrogen supplied from a two liter pressurized tank to provide 670 watts of power to the bicycle drive motor at ambient pressure, with minimum ancillary equipment. This is sufficient to give it a range of 70-100 km with one filling of fuel. Refilling takes only seconds compared with hours needed to recharge a battery. Aprilia said this approach also provides a significant reduction in the weight of the bicycle and in the operational range now provided by batteries. It also potentially lowers the cost of the system.

Manhattan Scientifics' unique mid range fuel cell technology (two watts to two kilowatts) is being developed by NovArs at its facility in Passau, Germany. The NovArs unique approach to fuel cell design uses advanced composite materials and sealing technology to minimize size and weight. This makes it ideal as a power source for portable electronic equipment. The technology is also applicable for motorized scooters, wheel chairs, industrial vehicles, small boats, golf carts, portable appliances such as cordless power tools and household utensils and lightweight portable power packs

NovArs GmbH is a two-year-old German company founded to develop advanced fuel cells, materials and concepts. It was started in 1998 by Dr. Arthur Koschany, a scientist with six years experience in the development of large fuel cell systems for automotive applications. Manhattan Scientifics acquired both current and future global intellectual property rights to NovArs' unique technology in 1999. Manhattan Scientifics is providing R&D funding to NovArs to further develop its technologies.

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