More Companies Order EnerDel Batteries

Latest company is Mazda for experimental electric vehicles.

Published: 25-Mar-2010

The little battery company that could has two more car customers on the way.

EnerDel, which specializes in lithium ion batteries for cars, "has two more OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) in the hopper" in the auto industry, says CEO Charles Gassenheimer, who swung through our offices today.

The company is already producing batteries for Think, the Norwegian car manufacturer, and has signed a deal to produce batteries for Volvo's electric cars.


Pollacheck astride 500 hp Killacycle in Woodburn, Oregon.

Bill Dube's 500 hp Killacycle is powered by A123 Systems lithium batteries.

MATRA MS1 Electric Bicycle will use All Cell lithium batteries.

Batteries will be used in French-developed e-bikes and neighborhood electric vehicles.

Chrysler 200c ENVI could be powered by A123 lithium batteries.

Latest round brings GE's total investments in the battery maker to $70 million, representing an ownership stake of more than 10%.


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