PHOTO CAPTION: Kris Trexler's EV1 on display at Petersen Automotive Museum in Hollywood.

GM Courting Jilted EV1 Owners with New Chevy Volt

Kris Trexler is reunited with this EV1 in this NPR profile

Published: 25-Mar-2010

Starting this month, General Motors is taking a second shot at the electric car. The company began producing a small batch of Chevy Volts to check for quality and reliability. Volts go on sale in California later this year.

A decade ago, GM angered customers who leased its first electric car, the EV1, when it canceled the program. Now, GM hopes to win those customers back — along with many more.

A Reunion With An Old Pal


Hyundai BLUE-WILL is plug-in hybrid concept car.

The car's lectric power, stored by a Lithium Ion Polymer battery pack, is neatly bundled with the fuel tank under the rear seat to maximise luggage space.

Pictured is earlier Velozzi concept car intended for Progressive Automotive X-Prize

Velozzi intends to create a new and more efficient, environmentally friendly, way of mass-producing vehicles, using modularity and lightweight materials.

Chevy Volt battery pack cost could be reduced by reducing warranty requirements, argues Plug In America..

Group responds to Obama Administration auto task force conclusions about economic viability of Chevy Volt and comparable plug-in cars.


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