PHOTO CAPTION: BMW Series 1 similar to that equipped with UTC Power 5kW fuel cell.

UTC Power, BMW Roll Out Fuel CEll BMW Series 1

5kW fuel cell able to go from frozen state to 50 percent power in less than 30 seconds.

Published: 25-Mar-2010

SOUTH WINDSOR, Conn.-- BMW Forschung und Technik (Research and Technology) today displayed a new hybrid electric vehicle that uses a UTC Power fuel cell system. The vehicle was unveiled at the 25th anniversary BMW ZT celebration in Munich, Germany.

UTC Power, a United Technologies Corp. (NYSE:UTX) company, has been working with BMW since 1999 to develop highly efficient, emission-free and freeze-capable fuel cell systems.

"We have highly valued our relationship with BMW for over 10 years and we look forward to continuing our work on emission-free fuel cells that help BMW develop efficient, fun- to-drive vehicles for the marketplace,” said Ken Stewart, Vice President of the UTC Power Transportation Business.

Stewart said the fuel cell system in the BMW Series 1 vehicle represents the culmination of more than 10 years of development work on durability and freeze capability technology. “From a fully frozen state, the fuel cell is half way to full power in less than 30 seconds,” he said. “The system uses UTC Power’s proprietary ambient pressure technology, which does not require a compressor to deliver air to the cell stack. This results in a quieter, more efficient system."

The 5-kilowatt UTC Power fuel cell system is completely self-contained and features simple vehicle interfaces, which allows for easy integration and installation.

UTC Power is part of United Technologies Corp., which provides energy-efficient products and services to the aerospace and building industries. In business more than 50 years, UTC Power is a world leader in developing and producing fuel cells for transportation applications and for on-site power at buildings. For more information, please visit

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