PHOTO CAPTION: Nissan LEAF all-electric car

Nissan: Betting Big on Electric Vehicles

Anonymous article on Nissan's perspective of deployment of electric cars in India.

Published: 19-Mar-2010

There are many reasons why we are betting on electric cars.

We have the technology, we are selling it in the US. We have the Altima hybrid and the Fuga hybrid. Nissan has the technology to use it in the US market which means it is available for Renault but we're not using it too much because we do not consider it an efficient one. It is complicated, because we have the combustion engine, we use the motor. You have two technologies in the same car. In a certain way because you are still emitting 20-30 per cent less there is no incentive from governments to support you.

Electric car is completely different because this is a zero emission car, completely independent of oil. One set of technology, you don't need a combustion engine, you just have a motor and an inverter. It's a more simple car to make. The only problem is that the electric car doesn't have scale. So for the time to build 1-2 million electric cars you're going to be suffering because you don't have the scale that the combustion engine has.

We will not launch the car in any market where there is no incentive for the consumer. Because the consumer is never going to buy a car which is more expensive because it emits less.


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