Launch of the Volt True Turning Point for GM

AOL's Reilly Brennan sees the launch of the Volt as a more important milestone that GM's 2009 bankruptcy.

Published: 07-Feb-2010

Whereas most people would consider the company's 2009 bankruptcy as the pivotal turning point in the contemporary history of General Motors, I'm willing put my bet behind the 2007 launch of the Chevy Volt extended-range electric car.

No other product from GM had such a systemic effect within the corporation, shifting nearly overnight the idea of what's important for the company and its culture.

And while some of the motivation behind the car's debut might have been founded in a vacuous effort to rebrand the company's image, the Volt was an inherently positive move for the big company. Now, roughly a year before the car will go on sale, GM is making another move that might be as important as the Volt itself: it plans on building most, if not all, of the guts of the hybrid and electric systems within its own facility.


Frank Weber announces Goodyear and Bose contributions to GM's Volt efficiency efforts.

Lower rolling resistance and more efficient sound system translates into squeezing more miles out of the car's battery pack.

EV Innovations Inizio electric sports car.

Former Hybrid Technologies, now EV Innovations, sees Inizio as firm's plug-in flagship vehicle.

Mitsubishi Concept cX first debuted in 2007

Mitsubishi plug-in hybrid could be based on revised version of 2007 Concept cX.


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