China Rushing to Complete First 'Green' World Expo

Better City, Better Life to feature solar power, recycled rainwater, hybrid engine buses, with organisers expecting up to 100 million visitors

Published: 04-Feb-2010

SHANGHAI — China, the world's number one emitter of greenhouse gases, aims to hold the first "green" World Expo in Shanghai, as the sprawling metropolis tries to shed its polluted past and become eco-friendly.

With less than three months to go before Expo opens on May 1, an army of workers is hurrying to turn what was once China's oldest shipyard into an environmentally friendly oasis in the heart of the country's biggest city.

Solar power, recycled rainwater, hybrid engine buses -- organisers and countries participating in the six-month event, expected to draw up to 100 million visitors, are sparing no effort to create a "Better City, Better Life."


Solar Millennium's AnderSol-2 solar thermal project in Egypt.

Retrofitting existing power plants is a low-cost option for solar-thermal projects because the steam turbines that are needed come for free.

Professor David Banister

Travel growth in a car-dependent society must be confronted so that people travel less, not more, writes Oxford Professor of Transportation Studies at Oxford University, David Banister.

Nissan COO Toshiyuki Shiga

Ruling currently favors more fuel-efficient Japanese models.


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