CR-Z: Honda's New 'Green' Pocket Rocket

Lacking a 'wow' car, Honda hopes the hybrid CR-Z burnishes its environmental credentials.

Published: 04-Feb-2010

Honda used to sell a wonderful little pocket rocket called the CR-X, a sporty version of the Civic that to this day still has a core following. These owners are active in clubs, sharing parts, performance tuning tips and all sorts of stories and experiences.

The CR-X was really Honda's halo car from the early 1980s to the early 1990s. And then wham! No more. Honda apparently grew up and put its toy car away. Some argue that was a colossal blunder.

But by global car company standards, Honda is a relative pipsqueak – its sales volumes are just more than a third of Toyota's. So with the SUV and minivan boom of the 1990s, the fun-to-drive little CR-X gave way to Honda Odyssey minivans and, later, Pilot SUVs, Ridgeline pickups and bigger Accords and Civics.


Victor Wouk, 'Godfather of the Hybrid' poses with 1972 Buick Skylark 'Hybrid'

Developed in 1973, the car got 30 mpg, twice its non-hybrid version, but was cancelled by a new EPA Administrator.

2010 Ford Fusion Hybrid on displace at 2009 NAIAS in Detroit.

USA Today and Car and Driver score Ford Fusion Hybrid superior to Toyota counterparts.

2010 Toyota Prius will offer improved highway fuel economy.

Honda reduced the cost of its hybrid system by making most of the simplicity of the system while compromising on the fuel economy.


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