Let There Be Light: White House Budget Delivers on Energy

Budget includes funds to push out new battery manufacturing for 500,000 plug-in hybrid electric vehicles a year by 2015.

Published: 04-Feb-2010

Elections really do have consequences. After years of virtual inaction from the Bush administration on a clean economy, the president's new budget is a politically savvy, substantively brave, and altogether impressive collection of proposals. Against the dim eight years, the proposals for the Department of Energy are electrifying, and continue to show the administration's commitment to bringing path-breaking change to energy and environmental policies.

In the critical area of "negawatts," for instance, the president proposes a sweeping expansion in energy efficiency, with $500 million in credit subsidies to support $3 to $5 billion in loan guarantees for efficiency and renewable energy projects.

On research and innovation, he proposes $5.1 billion for the Office of Science, including $1.8 billion for basic energy sciences to discover novel ways to produce, store, and use energy. He also puts $300 million into the Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy (DARPA-E).


Solar Millennium's AnderSol-2 solar thermal project in Egypt.

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Professor David Banister

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Nissan COO Toshiyuki Shiga

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