PHOTO CAPTION: AC Transit Fuel Cell Bus.

UTC Fuel Cells Pass 5,000 Hour Milestone

AC Transit's three buses using UTC fuel cell system have travelled 213,000 miles altogether.

Published: 29-Jan-2010

US fuel cell manufacturer UTC Power says that a bus powered by its fuel cells (based in Oakland, California), has run for over 5,000 hours with no fuel cell replacements.

The company says this is an important milestone.

"The last time we serviced the stacks in that bus, all of the candidates for President still had nine months of campaigning to do," says UTC Power.


New Holland NH2 fuel cell-powered tractor.

The NH2 tractor is a 120hp working prototype able to perform all the tasks of a T6000, while operating virtually silently and emitting only water and vapour.

Fuel cell cars Honda FC Sport concept might some day be fueled by biomass-derived hydrogen.

Tomorrow's fuel-cell vehicles may be powered by enzymes that consume cellulose from woodchips or grass and exhale hydrogen.

Nissan X-trail FCV used earlier PEM-based fuel cell.

The solid-oxide fuel cell produces 4kW and would be used to charge the vehicle's battery.


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