President Obama Orders Federal Gov't on Energy Diet

Executive order covers everything from electricity usage to auto fuels with goal of slashing GHG emissions 28% by 2020.

Published: 29-Jan-2010

President Obama ordered the government today to reduce energy use -- cutting everything from the electricity used in office buildings to the petroleum used in fleet vehicles -- in an effort to slash its greenhouse gas emissions 28 percent by 2020.

"As the largest energy consumer in the United States, we have a responsibility to American citizens to reduce our energy use and become more efficient," Obama said in a statement. "Our goal is to lower costs, reduce pollution, and shift federal energy expenses away from oil and towards local, clean energy."

Obama's emissions target comes more than three months after he signed Executive Order 13514, which required each federal agency to submit a 2020 target for cutting emissions of carbon dioxide and other heat-trapping gases. The order also required federal agencies to conserve water, cut waste, support sustainable urban development and use their buying power to promote the growth of "environmentally responsible" products and technologies.


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