Lithium Skeptic: In Response of John Peterson

Discovery blogger Chris Davis thinks outspoken electric car critic John Peterson is limiting his horizons too much.

Published: 24-Jan-2010

Checking in on John Peterson, the excellent, well-versed skeptic of the electric vehicle, finds him increasingly strident in his criticism of plug-ins generally and lithium ion (Li-ion) in particular. He surfaces a fatal flaw in resting the entire EV enterprise on a too-scarce Li-ion resource: "It's a fundamental flaw in the economics of using batteries to replace a fuel tank; a flaw that will cost investors billions before the current round of electric car hype fades and the rotting corpse of an idea only Hollywood could love is buried with a silver stake through its undead heart."

OMG. Pale face and cold sweat. We have unwittingly traveled a dead end; embarrassed, stupid cheerleaders for a misguided misuse of time and focus and resources. John's analysis appears thorough, well-researched and well-reasoned.

But has his excellent focus on this one ill-fitting lithium piece of the puzzle drawn him to the false conclusion that we gotta quit solving it? Does his analysis rest on an unfounded premise of stasis, when the reality is so much more dynamic and robust, with other solutions known and yet to be known offering to fill in?


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