Green Dream House and Car in Japan Points Way to the Future

Demonstration house in Koto, Japan is zero-CO2 home, as is solar charged Mitsubishi i-MiEV electric car.

Published: 20-Jan-2010

Japan, the world’s fifth largest emitter of greenhouse gases, has pledged to cut its emissions by a quarter by 2020. To reach that goal, various sectors of Japanese society, from local governments to corporate giants and the general public, are going green.

SIX simple acts – that is all you need to do daily to shrink your carbon footprint. This simple message is driving the Japanese Government’s campaign to reduce the carbon load of its 127 million people.

And the six actions? They are things which people can easily adopt in their daily lives: cut air-conditioner usage, drive less, avoid plastic bags, conserve water, recycle, and turn off power switches.


Camille Jenatzy was first to break 100km/hr speed barrier in his 1899 electric car, La Jamais Contente.

Former Pirelli Tire North America CEO addresses local Rotary Club.

Roadster #750 completes road trip to Detroit despite winter driving conditions and heavy snow.

Telsa will donate the full value of production car VIN 1,000 to charities.

Subaru R1e negotiating the streets of Manhattan Island, New York City.

The range limitations of most early electric cars will matter less in tightly packed urban areas, where the daily driving distance is likely to be much shorter than in the suburbs or rural areas.


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