Chicago Trader Promotes Tesla and Funds Chris Paine's New Flick

Securities trader Stefano Durdic and other Chicago-area Tesla owners helping spread the word on electric cars.

Published: 10-Jan-2010

A Tesla Roadster is an electric sports car. Base price: $109,000. It hits 60 mph in 3.7 seconds.

The cars have a cult following among high-net-worth geeks. Chicago securities trader Stefano Durdic, 42, could be considered one of the cult leaders.

He owns one of the 900 or so Teslas on the road worldwide and is 25th in line for the California company's next model, a $49,000 "sedan." (It sounds like a Buick, but the car looks like a Maserati.) He's invested "a small amount of money" in Tesla and is spending about $1.2 million bankrolling filmmaker Chris Paine's next documentary, "The Revenge of the Electric Car."



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