Japanese Develop Printable Lithium Polymer Batteries

Process used sheet-fed printing, but roll-to-roll printing seen feasible allow for lower costs.

Published: 10-Jan-2010

Japan-based research firms, Advanced Materials Innovation Center (AMIC) of Mie Industry along with Enterprise Support Center (MIESC) have developed a lithium based polymer battery which can be produced through printing technology.

There are numerous benefits towards this sheet shaped batteries since the printing technological production can reduce its thickness. It can be used with a flexible solar battery or its display or it can also be fastened to a curved surface in case if the battery comes with a solar battery integrated which is formed on a flexible substrate, delivering a sheet that can be used as power storage or a power generator. Moreover, the battery can be expanded as per the area and laminated. As per AMIC, the costs can be greatly lowered when a roll-to-roll method is adopted.

Many research groups had participated in the development project of the lithium polymer battery. The groups who participated were MIESC, Toppan Printing Co Ltd, Shin-Kobe Electric Machinery Co Ltd, Kureha Elastomer Co Lrd, Kinsei Matec Co Ltd, Mie Prefecture Industrial Research Institute, Suzuka National College of Technology and Meisei Chemical Works Ltd.


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