PHOTO CAPTION: Riversimple hydrogen-ultracapacitor hybrid city car.

Riversimple Open Source Fuel Cell Car Takes Next Step

UK effort published its first engineering drawings online.

Published: 07-Jan-2010

The project to provide a low-cost, ‘open source’ design for a fuel cell car that anyone can access and build has taken a step closer to reality with the publishing of the first engineering drawings online.

All of the designs for Riversimple’s Hyrban will be published on the web, starting with the car’s rear suspension layout. The idea is to speed up development by gathering criticism and comment from users, which will also help to cut the costs of the technology.

“One of our hopes is that the open-source community will speed up development of the fuel cell and electrical network, as well as other key technologies,” said Hugo Spowers, a key partner in the Riversimple project and the man behind Morgan’s Lifecar fuel cell prototype.


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