The Fraud That Is Plug-In Hybrids

It is no secret John Petersen isn't a fan of most electric-drive technology, except maybe mild hybrids and lead batteries.

Published: 07-Jan-2010

By John Petersen

For eighteen months I've been blogging about the energy storage sector and discussing the current and potential markets for batteries and other manufactured energy storage devices. A recurring theme that I've discussed many times is the unrecognized but undeniable truth that while plug-in vehicles masquerade as conservation measures at an individual level, they're incredibly wasteful at a societal level. The conclusion is counter-intuitive and my articles on the subject invariably draw heated criticism from self-anointed defenders of the faith. Their arguments, however, do not change the inescapable truth that plug-in vehicles are one of the most wasteful concepts ever foisted on gullible government officials and an unsuspecting public.

Today I'm going to do my level best to simplify the numbers and expose the plug-in fraud for what it is. If you want to delve into more detail, you should visit my article archive at Seeking Alpha.


GM CEO Rick Wagoner behind wheel of Chevy Cruze equipped with E-Flex electric drive in Washington DC on December 4, 2008.

CNBC's Phil LeBeau gets behind the wheel of the Chevy Volt... after NBC Today Show host Matt Lauer.

OPPD Fleet Manager Steve Anderson with HyMotion converted Prius.

Why wait? You can create your own plug-in hybrid.

Chrysler Patriot Range-Extended Electric Vehicle.

Chrysler aims to have four electric vehicles in the market by 2013.


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