PHOTO CAPTION: Mercedes-Benz Citaro Fuel Cell Bus uses pair of fuel cell systems as that found in B-Class F-Cell sedan.

New Citaro Fuel Cell Bus to Ply Hamburg Streets

The new Citaro fuel-cell bus consumes 50 per cent less hydrogen than previous generation.

Published: 07-Jan-2010

urg - A new version of the Mercedes Citaro zero-emission fuel cell hybrid bus will soon start operating in Hamburg as part of a large-scale fleet trial following an earlier test conducted between 2003-2009 there and other European cities. The Hamburg Hochbahn, or city transport authority, will also take delivery of 20 Mercedes B-Class fuel cell cars starting next year.

The new Citaro fuel-cell bus is powered by two fuel cell systems of the same type used in the B-Class F-Cell. It consumes 50 per cent less hydrogen than the preceding generation and has a range of 250 kilometres, according to the carmaker.

According to the carmaker the main objective in the current fleet test is to achieve a competitive cost level in comparison with conventionally powered vehicles and to create a full infrastructure of electric and hydrogen filling stations in cooperation with energy providers and the petroleum industry.

The project is part of the Clean Energy Partnership in Hamburg and Berlin. It is being supported by the German government as part of the National Innovation Program for hydrogen and fuel cell technology.


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