PHOTO CAPTION: Kandi Technologies Coco Electric Car

Chinese Enterprises Form Electric Car Technology Alliance

Group includes China National Offshore Oil Corp., Kandi Technologies, and China Potevio Co. as well as Tianneng Power International Ltd

Published: 05-Jan-2010

China-based Kandi Technologies Corp. (KNDI) has allied itself with major energy, information-technology and battery companies as it pushes the evolution of electronic-vehicle technology in the country.

Shares of the go-kart and ATV maker jumped 13% to $4.97 in premarket trading.

Kandi agreed to an alliance with a joint venture of China National Offshore Oil Corp. and China Potevio Co. as well as Tianneng Power International Ltd., "aimed at speeding up the commercialization and achieving mass adoption" of pure electronic vehicles in China.


TREV two-place electric car

Student-built vehicle can do 0-60 in 10 seconds with top speed of 75 mph. Photo courtesy of University of South Australia.

EVPorsche 959 conversion on the track. Photo credit: Speed

EVPorsche 911 conversion costs $48,000, including the donor vehicle.

Concept model of Honda Oree electric motorcycle. Photo courtesy of Motorcycles USA.

Bart Madson discovers an ambitious student design that anticipates a motor producing 90-plus horsepower, 125 lb-ft of torque and top speed near 120 mph.


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