PHOTO CAPTION: Honda FCX Clarity can be refueled in under five minues.

Honda's (Hydrogen) Gas-Guzzler

Jeremy Hart shares his experiences driving and refueling Honda's FCX Clarity fuel cell sedan.

Published: 02-Jan-2010

Nowadays, emission-free motoring is the ultimate Hollywood accessory. Even hybrids, like the Toyota Prius, don’t really cut it anymore. Which probably helps to explain why Arnold Schwarzenegger, the man who was once famed for his love of environmentally-unfriendly Hummers, happily champions the green cause. Indeed, the politician is now the power behind California’s so-called Hydrogen Highway, the busy thoroughfare that runs between San Francisco and San Diego.

You’ll find the epicentre of LA’s piece of that road just off the 405 freeway, one of the world’s most polluted motorways, where a Shell petrol station equipped with a hydrogen pump is the main refuelling hub for the rare Honda FCX Clarity.

The Honda FCX Clarity, the world’s first commercially available, zero-emission hydrogen car, is currently only available to lease in Japan and California, primarily because they’re the only places where hydrogen is relatively available. The cost for a three-year lease in either market is approximately $600 (Dh2,200) per month, which includes maintenance.


Toyota Prius converted to run on hydrogen at Shell refueling station on outskirts of Reykjavik, Iceland.

Iceland now has a fleet of 14 hydrogen-fueled vehicles as part of effort to gradually wean the island nation off its dependence on fossil fuels.

Mazda Premacy Hydrogen RE Hybrid minivan has range of 200 km.

Mazda Premacy Hydrogen RE Hybrid is the first to be powered by both hydrogen and electric battery.

Ion Tiger hydrogen fuel-cell powered UAV.

The Ion Tiger UAV utilizes a hydrogen-powered fuel cell design, which can travel farther and carry heavier payloads than earlier battery-powered designs.


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