PHOTO CAPTION: D7E combines 175kW (235 hp) diesel engine and twin electric motors powered by AC generator.

Caterpillar Ships First D7E Diesel-Electric Tractor

D7E tractor offers 25% improvement in fuel economy and as much as $9,000 in annual fuel savings.

Published: 29-Dec-2009

Caterpillar Inc. today presented the keys of the first innovative AC electric drive track-type tractor in the industry to long-time customer, TJ Lambrecht. The revolutionary electric drive system developed for track-type tractors gives the D7E an unmatched combination of power, sustainability, control and maneuverability.

"Our customers are being challenged to do their work more efficiently with less impact on the environment," said Caterpillar Group President, Doug Oberhelman. "The D7E demonstrates Caterpillar's commitment to the industry with a machine that does more work and consumes less fuel and parts, providing customers with lower owning and operating costs." Oberhelman was recently named Caterpillar Vice Chairman effective January 1, 2010.

TJ Lambrecht, headquartered in Joliet, Illinois, is one of the most recognized heavy, civil, and earthmoving contractors in the country, with one of the largest and most current fleets of Caterpillar equipment.

"Caterpillar has been a great partner over the years, and we have a solid relationship with our dealers," said Dan Klingberg, President, TJ Lambrecht. "Case in point was the opportunity to demo the D7E at our O'Hare Modernization Project jobsite this past summer. We think it's going to help us mitigate fluctuations in fuel prices, as well as address the growing scope of emissions regulations. Our whole organization is very excited about it."

The Cat C9.3 ACERTâ„¢ diesel engine, rated at 235 net horsepower (175 kW) in the D7E, drives a powerful electrical generator that produces AC (alternating current). Current flows through special armored cables and military-grade connectors to a solid-state inverter, then to the propulsion module. Within the propulsion module are two heavy-duty electric motors (using AC current) that drive through common gearing into the differential steering system. Power from the steering system is transferred via axles to mechanical, double-reduction final drives to provide smooth, infinitely variable driving force to the tracks. The engine in the D7E is entirely beltless, eliminating the need for belt maintenance and replacement.

Headquartered in Elmhurst, Illinois, Caterpillar Dealer, Patten Industries, was instrumental in the sale of the D7E.

"This revolutionary design consumes fewer resources over its working life than any other track-type tractor in its class. All major components are engineered to be rebuilt or reused in the future," said Patten Executive General Manager, Larry O'Neill. "Our customers are looking for these kinds of solutions, and we're pleased to provide them with a competitive edge."

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Caterpillar D7E diesel-electric tractor

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