PHOTO CAPTION: RUF-tuned electric Porsche Cayenne 'Stormster'

RUF Tunes Porsche Cayenne Into Electric Stormster

Bavarian Porsche tuner rolls out first SUEV at COP15 Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen.

Published: 15-Dec-2009

Porsche got some clever PR at Copenhagen's Climate Change Conference this week when bonkers Bavarian tuner Ruf unveiled an electric Cayenne, the world's first SUEV.

The Cayenne may be your most annoying 4x4, but with such impeccable zero-emission credentials, maybe even the eco-warriors will have to think again.

Dubbed the eRuf Stormster, it's powered by a stonking 367bhp electric motor and lithium-ion batteries.


TREV two-place electric car

Student-built vehicle can do 0-60 in 10 seconds with top speed of 75 mph. Photo courtesy of University of South Australia.

Think Global assembly line in Aurskog, Norway. Production resumed in October, 2008

Think having difficulties in obtaining working capital with automotive suppliers requiring tougher delivery terms for parts due to the global financial crisis.

ZENN electric car similar to that being used at Mid-Del Technology Center.

The electric ZENN car, which stands for zero emissions, no noise, is a European -built diesel car that is converted with an electric engine in Canada.


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