PHOTO CAPTION: Line up of i-MiEV electric cars at program rollout this week.

Mitsubishi Begins Electric Car Trials in Britaiin

25 i-MiEV electric cars will be operated in the Coventry-Birmingham, England region of the British Midlands.

Published: 15-Dec-2009

e-year "real life" trial of low carbon vehicles has been launched to see how the UK will need to adapt for a green transport future.

A total of 25 Mitsubishi innovative Electric Vehicles (i-MiEVs) were given to independent drivers on the first day of the Government-supported project.

The trial - the first of several to take place nationwide - is being run by the Coventry and Birmingham Low Emission Vehicle Demonstrators (CABLED) consortium, who launched it in Birmingham.

The test drivers, who include motoring expert Quentin Willson, will try out the vehicles while Aston University in Birmingham will monitor how they are used and what kind of infrastructure might be needed to accommodate widespread use.


TREV two-place electric car

Student-built vehicle can do 0-60 in 10 seconds with top speed of 75 mph. Photo courtesy of University of South Australia.

Think Global assembly line in Aurskog, Norway. Production resumed in October, 2008

Think having difficulties in obtaining working capital with automotive suppliers requiring tougher delivery terms for parts due to the global financial crisis.

ZENN electric car similar to that being used at Mid-Del Technology Center.

The electric ZENN car, which stands for zero emissions, no noise, is a European -built diesel car that is converted with an electric engine in Canada.


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