Climate Change Politics Aside, Green Economy Opens Opportunities in India

Dozens of small businesses have attracted venture capital from biogas plant manufacturers, to solar lantern makers, to cheap water purifier makers, to specialised microfinance outfits.

Published: 14-Dec-2009

By Devangshu Datta

The change in the dynamics of the energy sector could solve its deep-rooted problems.

Environmental concerns arise rationally. Our society is built upon the ability to generate energy. Obviously, depletion of fossil fuels is a concern. So are broader issues of pollution, and potential climate change.


Toyota Prius with solar panels on roof that provide 165 watts of power per hour, not enough to propel the car more than a couple miles.

Solar Electric Vehicles sells its version of a plug-in Prius, with a solar panel installed, for $25,000.

Solar Millennium's AnderSol-2 solar thermal project in Egypt.

Retrofitting existing power plants is a low-cost option for solar-thermal projects because the steam turbines that are needed come for free.

Professor David Banister

Travel growth in a car-dependent society must be confronted so that people travel less, not more, writes Oxford Professor of Transportation Studies at Oxford University, David Banister.


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