PHOTO CAPTION: BMW Series 1 5-door is available with Bosch auto stop-start engine technology.

Micro-Hybrids on the Rise

An estimated 2.5 million micro hybrid vehicles will be manufactured by 2010, and this is expected to rise to 10 million by 2015.

Published: 11-Dec-2009

One of the clearest motoring trends to emerge from September’s Frankfurt Motor Show is the growth of Stop-Start technology.

Of the 20 plus new cars at the show fitted with VARTA batteries by Johnson Controls, nearly a quarter of them featured an AGM battery to power this energy-saving technology. The technology conserves energy by shutting off the engine whenever the car stops, such as at a traffic light. The decrease in fuel consumption results in savings of up to 12 per cent, and lower CO2 emissions.

Driven by EU targets to reduce CO2, the micro-hybrid market is accelerating. Since the adoption of Stop-Start technology in the BMW 1 Series, more than a million micro-hybrid cars with VARTA AGM battery power have been sold in Europe.


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