QinetiQ, Ricardo Announce Cost Breakthrough Lithium Battery

New batteries were based on an alternative lithium ion sulphide that enjoys lower raw material costs;.

Published: 11-Dec-2009

Electric and hybrid vehicles could soon see their range significantly increased thanks to a successful UK research project to identify new lower cost lithium-ion batteries.

Engineering firm QinetiQ, transport technology company Ricardo and the government-backed Energy Saving Trust, today announced that after two years of collaboration they have demonstrated a new type of lithium-ion cell chemistry and battery management system that promises to cut the cost of electric vehicle batteries by about a third.

The cost of battery technology is one of the main reasons that hybrid and electric cars boast a price premium compared with conventional vehicles, and as a result the aim of the reduced cost Li-Ion (RED-LION) project was to help bolster the commercial viability of electric cars by identifying alternative battery systems that can be manufactured at lower cost.


Intel co-founder Andy Grove. Photo credit: Portfolio.

Grove is also known to be interested in cars, driving a converted Toyota Prius plug-in hybrid.

PVI Maxity electric truck developed jointly with Renault Trucks

PVI develops and manufactures commercial electric vehicles.

Smith Electric is Valence customer.

Valence began to focus on Europe about two years ago, when it realized that automakers there already were launching electric delivery vans and hybrid buses


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