The Future of Cars Was Hydrogen, Once

Alan Salzman worried VantagePoint was putting hundreds of millions into a golf car when it backed Tesla.

Published: 27-Sep-2009

The enthusiasm for electric vehicles keeps growing, but only few years ago the auto industry was betting on hydrogen-powered fuel cell cars.

That led to some sleepless nights for early backers of electric cars — including Alan E. Salzman, the chief executive officer of VantagePoint, a pioneer in green capital venture and an early believer in Tesla, the electric car company.

“We were afraid this was going to be our Segway,” Mr Salzman said, referring to the funky personal transportation device that has failed to achieve much commercial success. “You’re putting how many hundreds of millions of dollars into a golf cart?”


Antares is first aircraft to lift-off and fly on hydrogen fuel cell power plant alone.

Unlike the Boeing aircraft that used lithium ion batteries for take-off, the Antares lifted off on fuel cells alone.

Honda FCX Clarity hydrogen fuel cell sedan

Honda's Home Energy Station IV can produce hydrogen fuel for the Clarity, as well as heat and electricity, to an average-size home fueled with natural gas.

Proterra HFC 35 prototype battery-dominate hybrid transit bus

The advanced hybrid electric bus is designed to accommodate a variety of auxiliary power units (APU’s) including diesel, gasoline and CNG.


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