Hope Revived for Hydrogen Cars

Obama administration has dropped its opposition to reinstating $100M in hydrogen research funding.

Published: 25-Sep-2009

Washington -- The long-delayed hydrogen fuel cell vehicle, overshadowed by the clamor over electric cars, may be getting a new lease on life.

General Motors Co. announced Thursday that its next generation hydrogen fuel cell system will be half the size and 220 pounds lighter than before, and use half the precious metals.

The announcement comes as Congress moves to restore most of the $100 million in fuel cell research money the Obama administration wanted to cut. That represented about half of the total.


Antares is first aircraft to lift-off and fly on hydrogen fuel cell power plant alone.

Unlike the Boeing aircraft that used lithium ion batteries for take-off, the Antares lifted off on fuel cells alone.

Honda FCX Clarity hydrogen fuel cell sedan

Honda's Home Energy Station IV can produce hydrogen fuel for the Clarity, as well as heat and electricity, to an average-size home fueled with natural gas.

Proterra HFC 35 prototype battery-dominate hybrid transit bus

The advanced hybrid electric bus is designed to accommodate a variety of auxiliary power units (APU’s) including diesel, gasoline and CNG.


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