US Commerce Dept. Releases Smart Grid Standards

Among its standards is an action plan that defines data standards to enable the charging of plug-in electric vehicles (PEVs).

Published: 25-Sep-2009

The Commerce Department unveiled the first 77 "smart grid" standards today aimed at removing a major barrier to the implementation of digital grid technologies.

The National Institute of Standards and Technology draft report (pdf) highlights 31 standards with "relevance" to smart-grid development and another 46 standards as "potentially" applicable to the smart grid.

"Central to this report is cybersecurity," Secretary Gary Locke said at the GridWeek conference in Washington, D.C. "We need to do it right, but we cannot take forever because everything else depends on the foundation of our cybersecurity efforts."


CSIR Solar-Electric Rickshaw is powered by 36-volt hub motor

Innovative business model is being evolved with NGOs, banks, environment-loving corporates and manufacturing organizations to make the rickshaw available to the drivers at the cost of an ordinary rickshaw.

Toyota Prius converted to plug-in will have range of 20 or so miles in electric-only mode

The biggest technology hurdle utilities and carmakers face right now is the ability to exchange information seamlessly, because there is no common language.

George W. Bush with Secretary of State Rice in White House Oval Office.

Three experts suggest technology policies on energy, research and medicine for the new president.


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