PHOTO CAPTION: Chevrolet Spark Beat concept car could be basis for electric model in India.

GM Partners with Reva On Electric Cars for India

GM and India's leading electric car manufacturer will develop electric version of Chevrolet Spark.

Published: 25-Sep-2009

NEW DELHI -- General Motors Co. and REVA Electric Car Co. of India said they will jointly develop an electric version of GM's Chevrolet Spark minicar, with the goal of introducing it within a year.

GM also plans to market another version of the Spark, with a 0.8-liter gasoline engine, in India next year, Karl Slym, president and managing director of General Motors India, told reporters. The current version of the minicar has a 1-liter gasoline engine.

While auto makers such as GM and Ford Motor Co. are trying to expand their market share in India by launching small cars, they are increasing their focus globally on vehicles powered by alternate fuel to cut pollution and reduce dependency on fossil fuels. As many as 41 new electric cars were displayed at the recently concluded Frankfurt auto show, including two new models from REVA, which is based in Bangalore.


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