PHOTO CAPTION: Nissan LEAF's battery uses 8.8 lbs of refined lithium

Is There Enough Lithium for Electric Car Boom? Most Experts Say Yes

Between new lithium resources and recycling, proponents see enough lithium for electric car batteries into the foreseeable future.

Published: 23-Sep-2009

Don't worry about lithium supplies needed to make the batteries for all those hybrids and electric vehicles on the way. There's oodles of the stuff--at least for the next decade. Beyond that, though, opinions differ.

The supply of lithium has been a topic of debate since automakers first set their sights on lithium ion batteries. Those batteries are seen as the key to making a practical electric car because they are lighter and more powerful than the nickel-metal hydride batteries used in today's hybrids.

They are still costly. And because the lithium ion batteries remain an emerging technology, questions linger about their life span, durability, and safety. But for now, lithium ion batteries remain the most likely energy source for electric vehicles.


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