Will China Control the Electric Car Future?

Brian Hicks gives his take on China's burgeoning auto market and its potential to control the rare earth minerals that make our modern world possible.

Published: 18-Sep-2009

As you read this, the future of transportation is taking place in a convention hall in Frankfurt, Germany.

It's called the Frankfurt Motor Show. . . and insider reports indicate electric cars are taking over the world like an army of robots, hell-bent on revenge against their flesh masters.

Every company represented at the show is featuring their version of an electric/hybrid automobile. Even high-end brands like Porsche and Ferrari are going electric.


Compact Power CEO Prabhakar Patil

Prabhakar Patil foresees Compact Power generating up to $1 billion in sales in the next 10 years.

Voltphreaks VP400 lithium ion starter battery is fraction the size of conventional lead acid battery

Designed to replace standard 12V lead-acid starter batteries, the Voltphreaks batteries weigh up to 80% less while providing the more cranking power.

Newly announced Dodge EV would be electric sports car comparable to Tesla Roadster

Three of the four prototypes announced by Chrysler would utilize lithium ion batteries.


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