Bike Riders in Singapore Reluctant to Invest in E-Bicycles

Problems with safe, convenient storage, theft and cost cause many in Singapore to resist purchasing electric bicycles.

Published: 05-Dec-2000

Electric bicycles manufactured by Singapore Technologies Kinetics factory in China are also exported to countries like Germany, Britain,France, Japan and the United States, where they are said to be immensely popular.

In Singapore, however, cyclists reluctant to use the bicycles say there are problems that still need to be addressed.Mr Lay Siew Meng, 40, a chef, said he will stick to the conventional bicycle, which he uses to get around the neighbourhood, until the electric one gets cheaper.

'I'm really interested in the bicycle, but to fork out a thousand dollars for it is a bit too much.' Explaining that theft can be a problem, Mr Lay added that it is hard to find a proper place to park the bicycle. Echoing his view, retiree Koh Soo Juan, 77, who lives in a flat, said: 'There is no proper place for us to park, so I have to lug it upstairs. 'This bicycle is very useful to senior citizens like me, and it is environmentally friendly. 'The Government should try to promote its usage. And one of the most important things is to give us a safe place to park our bikes.'



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