PHOTO CAPTION: Toyota will build hybrid version of Auris in the UK.

Toyota to Build Auris Hybrid in UK

Besides introducing a 'micro' hybrid Auris, Toyota will also participate in this electric-vehicle trial with plug-in version of Prius

Published: 29-Jun-2009

BRITAIN is to make hybrid cars(1) for the first time after a decision by Toyota to start production of the high-tech vehicles at its Burnaston plant near Derby.

The UK is the first European country the Japanese car giant has chosen for hybrid production, and only the third outside Japan. Toyota makes nearly all its hybrids in Japan, with small numbers produced in China and America. The best known of these cars is the Prius.

The introduction of the new vehicle to Burnaston – a hybrid version of the Auris hatchback – follows intense negotiations with the government in recent months. It is understood that Britain will provide financial assistance to help the move.


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Honda has not announced what the power plant would be in this concept car, which could be considered as a replacement for the aging S2000 Roadster.

Audi thinks hybrid systems are more sensible in smaller vehicles and because it wants to introduce the vehicle with lithium-ion batteries instead of nickel-metal hydride batteries.


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