Tesla CEO Elon Musk Responds to Martin Eberhard Lawsuit

Eberhard blames Musk’s ambitions, while Musk cites Eberhard’s unrealistic business plan.

Published: 24-Jun-2009

There’s nothing like legal disputes to offer a peek into the workings of companies and the personalities behind them. Today, Elon Musk trained the high beams on Tesla Motors Inc., the maker of the luxury sports electric car Roadster, in a response to a lawsuit filed in late May by the company’s founder Martin Eberhard.

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In his suit, Eberhard painted Musk, Tesla’s current chief executive and a major investor, as a back-stabber who is trying to take claim for the creation of the company and its technology, and who has compromised Tesla’s finances. Musk uses his blog post to present his own side of the story.

Musk addresses some trivial points, such as why Eberhard received the third production car rather than the second, as he was promised. But Musk also drives home the point that he has been instrumental in driving Tesla towards success, announcing that the venture-backed startup is about to hit profitability.


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